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"Now you shall write this song…" (Devarim, 31, 19)

Writing a Sefer Torah in the memory of Naftali Ben Zion Lanzkron Hy"d

We would like to invite you to participate in the Mitzvah of writing a Sefer Torah in the memory of my dear and beloved brother Naftali Ben Zion Lanzkron Hy"d, who fell on the holiness of the Jewish nation and the land of Israel, on 4th of Nissan (3.28.2001).


Naftali was 13 and three months old when he died. He got up that morning, like every morning, to go to "Bney Chayil" Yeshivah in Kedumim. The bus that Naftali took used to stop at a gas station on the way, where the students would gather, in order to switch to an armored bus that would safely take them to Yeshivah.


On the morning of March 28th 2001, while they were waiting for the bus, a suicide terrorist that carried a bomb approached the group of kids, where Naftali was standing. When the terrorist exploded himself, Naftali and his friend Eliran Rosenberg died on the spot. Naftali was the youngest of 10 children in our family, the son of Meir and Chavah Lanzkron.


Naftali was a child with a charming and beautiful smile, a good friend and loved by all his community.

You can participate in the Mitzvah of writing a Sefer Torah in his memory by donating a letter, word, verse, column or a whole Parashah.  

Following are the sums of donation:


Writing a letter in the Sefer Torah – $ 36

Writing a word in the Sefer Torah - $ 72 

Writing a verse in the Sefer Torah - $ 360  

Writing a column in the Sefer Torah - $ 500  

Writing a Parashah in the Sefer Torah - $ 1,500 


Every donator will receive by mail a unique gratitude certificate for participating in the Mitzvah of writing a SeferTorah in the memory of Naftali Ben Zion Lanzkron Hy"d. 


With warm friendship and many thanks,




Yehuda Lanzkron

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Please transfer your contribution to the office of Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills.


150-05 70th Road Flushing, NY 11367 Telephone: (718) 261-9723 

Fax: (718) 520-2976


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